Findings from a survey of global experts on the "ideal burn dressing"

Burn care is a global matter, but the preconditions differ between different regions. What constitutes an “ideal burn dressing” on a global level? A team of clinicians decided to investigate this topic and conducted a study to learn more about a global understanding of the actual use and the characteristics of the ideal burn dressing. Listen to one of the investigators, Prof. Lars-Peter Kamolz as he talks to Fanny Chaumont, Global Marketing Manager for Burn Care at Mölnlycke Health Care, about the study.

The results of the study show:

  • Properties of the ideal burn dressing can be essential or “nice-to-have”.
  • Pain management plays a significant role in the perception of the ideal dressing.
  • Silver-based dressings are the most used dressings for superficial and deep burns according to this study.
  • Outcome of burn trauma can be significantly influenced by the choice of the “right” burn dressing according to this study.