Wound Talks: 10 Essentials of Wound Healing

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It is said that when you know what to look for, a wound can 'talk' to you. It can tell you if it is healing as planned, or if there is a problem and healing has stalled.

Are you ready to learn about what a wound is trying to tell you?

Follow Mary’s wound healing journey and see how Jane, her nurse, follows 10 essentials of wound healing through the ups and downs of the healing process, from first assessment to preventing recurrence.

Diagnosis and Assessment

Here we meet Mary, our patient, and learn what Wound Talks is all about.

How to promote vascularisation and oxygenation

In this module, we discuss the many parameters: pain, exercise, nutrition and how to improve the oxygen level in a wound.

How to promote moist wound healing

Here you will learn how dressings play a role in creating the best environment for wounds to heal.

Managing cavities and fistulae

Why these less common types of wounds need to be managed carefully.

How to prevent and treat wound infection and biofilms

In this module, we walk through biofilm, infection, and cleansing, debridement and antimicrobial dressings.

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