The Cut by Mölnlycke

Can a small change have a big impact on surgical wound healing outcomes?

In our brand new video interview series, The Cut, Dr. Kylie Sandy-Hodgetts talks to surgeons, nurses, and other experts on improving surgical outcomes.

Clinical evidence shows that small changes in treatment can drastically improve patient outcomes in surgeries. So what actions should hospitals take? And what can we learn from those who have already changed their protocols?

The Cut – introduction to the series


Episode 1 - Patient mobility and dressings is there a link?

Episode 2 - Nutrition, glucose and hydration and their impact on improved healing outcomes

Episode 3 – What are the main incision care challenges from a nurse's perspective?


Episode 4 - Is undisturbed wound healing relevant for incisions too?

Episode 5 – How can you effectively follow up patients after discharge?

Episode 6 – Why is it important to educate the patient when it comes to surgical wound management?


Episode 7 – What are the challenges in care in a community care setting?

Episode 8 – Driving improvement in incision care

Episode 9 – What role does the surgeon have in caring for the incision?


Episode 10 – Can consensus drive change of practice?

Episode 11 – How can risk assessment minimise surgical wound complications?


ISWCAP background, purpose and plans for the future - bonus episode

What happens after the cut?